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Letchworth Roller Hockey Skating Academy

LRHC is going from strength to strength, with the lower end of the club increasing from 7 players to 17 in the last 12 months, and interest in skating in general seems to be on the up. Due to the influx of children wanting to play roller hockey over the last couple of years, we have found it necessary to start a training session purely for the under 11’s at the Knights Templar Sports Hall.

Due to the increase in numbers, and the diverseness of skating abilities between beginners and those players competing in a league, we have found it increasingly difficult to train everyone together.

 We have therefore decided to split the Saturday morning session into two sessions.

The purpose of the Skating Academy is to improve skating and roller hockey skills by following a structured approach to developing the skills required to then play in a team in the Eastern Counties League.

Session 1

This is primarily for beginners to attend, to learn the basics of Roller Hockey and improve their skating skills to a level where they can compete in a team if they wish to.

They will follow a structured programme and will be tested after a set period of time ,which will consist of completing various skating tasks within a certain time. Upon successful completion of this test they will be awarded their LRHC SA Level 1 Certificate of achievement and then progress onto Level 2,3,4.

Once a player reaches an acceptable level, they will then be invited to attend the next session 2.

Session 2

This session is primarily for the Under 11 team competing in the Eastern Counties League. This session focuses on attacking defending, position on the rink, passing shooting, and generally improving on skating and Roller Hockey skills.

We are introducing the Skating Academy sessions from April 25th 2015.

The new timings will be as follows:

Session 1 – Group 1 - 9.30am - 11.00am 

Session 2 –  E.C. Under 11’s/13's Team training - 11.00am – 1.00pm



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